"FINDING DAISY" - Finding a Purpose

On July 4, 2023, Richard Cardoza had a life changing experience that led to this new passion project; making wine and making a difference.

Volunteering at the Napa County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center had already been one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences of his life, but an event that took place the evening of July 4th, 2023 would change his way of working with animals in an extremely positive way.

As a personal protest Richard chose to skip the Napa fireworks due to the negative impact it has on pets and the tens of thousands of farm animals and wildlife that are affected by the booms of the otherwise festive showing.

While sipping a glass of wine on a deck with a friend, they noticed a gray and white sheepdog running frantically back and forth through the neighborhood, seemingly in search of help, finally darting away into the darkness.

A few seconds passed when his friend Ann proclaimed "We need to help that dog and reunite it with its human!"

Jumping into her car they drove up and down streets interviewing dozens of neighbors, eventually finding the dogs owner. "The helpful neighbors directed us to the sheepdog's son Ollie, who was also missing, and who she was frantically searching for." After returning Ollie safely to his home they all ventured back out to find the missing sheepdog, Daisy. With the guidance of the universe and some woman's intuition, they eventually came across a neighbor who had found Daisy and let us know she had been taken to our own Napa County Animal Shelter.

After retrieving Daisy and reuniting her with Ollie, Richard and Ann returned and rewarded themselves with a glass of Napa Valley bubbles; fell into the couch, looked at each other with large grins and a huge sigh of relief.

So many neighbors came together that night to help animals in need, and they couldn't have returned Ollie and Daisy to the safety of their homes without the help of everyone involved.

"That small community of neighbors coming together as they did prompted me to create a wine company that could give back, and continue giving throughout the year."

"We offer 25% of proceeds from all sales, to individual advocacy groups in the region and beyond. To help us make a positive impact on the lives of animals and the organizations that help them, purchase wines and designate your favorite charity, and TRICKS Wine Company will donate 25% of the proceeds to that charity, in your name.


Our Commitment to Animals

At Tricks Wine Company, we are passionate about two things: Making Great Wine and Helping animals

With every bottle or case of wine purchased, TRICKS will donate 25% of the proceeds to Animal shelters and Advocacy groups of your choice.

From spay and neutering programs to adoption and rescue services, your support helps provide essential care and support to animals in need. Together, we make a difference.